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Coburg, market place, International Samba Festival, Germany
Donaueschingen, "Fürstlich Fürstenbergischer Park", Germany
Coburg, Castle, International Samba Festival, Germany

Platéia, Salvador, Brasilien
Coburg, market place, International Samba Festival, Germany
Tato with his Fans
School concert in Brazil
Show in Mainz, Germany
Show in Coburg, Germany



Chuva de Rama ('Rain in the branches'),
first CD
Mágico Demais ('Too much magic'),
second CD

The third CD, Ser-tão urbano. Live show
Crepúsculo do milênio ('Dusk of the Millennium')
Quando tudo é bom ('When everything is good')
Best of Tato,
the newest CD


Press shots:

Tato Lemos
Tato Lemos
This parrot (="papagaio" in Portuguese) is responsibel for the name "Papagaio Produções"
Instruments from various cultures
Tato Lemos
Tato Lemos


Newspaper articles

"Musicality of the northeast, emerged from the jungle of stones."
"Tato Lemos travels to europe for Shows."
"´Mágico Demais´ is a new music."

Recommendation of the city´s councellor.

"Songs to embrace each other"
Coburger News Paper